Which A-kasse cover master graduates from Arts?

I just found out that different companies cover different masters, and that I have to move from the company I have been registered so far. So I am looking for suggestions of companies covering a master in Intercultural Studies.
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yes you are right about that the different A-kasser for higher educated covers different disciplines.

There are 4 A-kasser for master graduates:

  1. MA A-kasse (which I will recommend for you): covers humanities, science, social sciences, IT, communication, health, psychology and pedagogy
  2. Akademikernes A-kasse covers mainly lawyers, economic master-studies, architects and doctors.
  3. CA A-kasse covers master graduates within the private business area
  4. AJKS covers journalism, communication & language

I will recommend MA A-kasse for you.

Best regards,

Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk