Do I have to apply for specific A-kasse membership or just is enough?


I am from Croatia and I have been studying in Denmark since 2016. and I am expected to graduate in January 2019. I have applied 10 months ago for and I have received an email saying that my application has been approved. My question is: Do I have to apply to a specific A kasse(for example FTF-A) or was my application on enough? If I have to apply for specific A kasse, will I have to wait another year to be eligible for A kasse fund or my 10 month period will be calculated into that?

Thank you in advance!
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I am not sure what you mean by saying: "was my application on enough?".

We, are not an A-kasse ourself. But we have on our website links to sign up forms for all 24 A-kasser.

So if you mean that you have signed up for instance through a link from our website and received confimation email from the A-kasse, then you have done enough.

But you have not signed up to any A-kasse, just by register as a user at our Q&A-forum on, or by using our contactform.

If you have signed up for an A-kasse, you can always change to another A-kasse later, and your membership periods will be transfered to/calculated by the new A-kasse.

So please check your confirmation email you received 10 months ago, and be sure that it is an email from an A-kasse (and not, confirming that you have become a member.

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