AP degree and Top Up equals 1 education?

I was finishing my AP Degree in Kolding, Denmark in March and after that I was starting the Top Up Degree in Odense. I will finish my Top Up in January 2018 but I know that the Top Up is not 18 months long to be eligible for the a-kasse.  My Question is, is it possible for them to calculate the full amount of my studies, for example to merge my AP Degree and Top Up and count it as a full Bachelor? The top up was correct based on my specialization but it was in a different city.  I did not receive dagpenge after the AP Degree and I did not apply for a-kasse ever. This will be the first time.  I am an european citizen
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your question regarding whether the 2 educations can merged together to be seen as 1 education, is out of the scope of our website to answer, but you must ask your A-kasse about this.

For answering this we need to know more about the education, and we can not know details about every education in Denmark.

Our knowledge is within the A-kasse area.

You can also read our answer to question from another user, about combining AP Degree with Top Up. Look here:


As we answer in this Q&A you could have been registered as graduate with graduate rights ("Dimittendrettigheder") after finishing AP Degree. After this you would then have had 2 years to apply for benefits according to the graduate rule/rate.

But you tell us that you have not been registered as graduate after the AP Degree, so now your only chance is to try to get the A-kasse accept that the two educations can be seen as one.

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Thank you for the answer!

As i understand, even if the Top Up is not 18 months long, i can finish and receive dagpenge if I wait the extra time to make this 18 months?

Even if the  degree is not 18 months long.

Should I register just after i finish and wait as a graduate?
you can only get dagpenge as an graduate if the education according to the study-plan is expected to have a duration of at least 18 months/3 semestre.
If this is the case, it dosen't matter if you finish a little before the 18 months. But you must wait until 18 months before you can start getting dagpenge.
However you must be aware that for being eligible for dagpenge you must follow the normal study-plan.

According to what you have informed us about, it seems that your Top Up only will take about 10 months, so this will not give you rights to unemployment benefits. Either the study-plan only is 10-12 months or if the study-plan says 3 semestre then you will not follow the normal study-plan and therefore not being eligible for dagpenge as an graduate.

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Well, my study programe is a full Top Up, I started in September 2016 and I will finish in January 2018, if I calculate each month, it has 17 months.

I am doing 3 semesters and the third semester consists of the internship and the main thesis.

Can you please have a look here on the website and maybe guide me if the Top up is eligible? I started in September 2016 and I will finish in January 2018.


This is my Top Up description.

Thank you very much for the help.
They are taking in account also the school holidays, right? Like the Christmas Holiday and so on?
My Top Up has 90 ECTS.

it is (far) out of the scope of our website to decide whether an education is calculated to have duration of 3 semestre/18 months or not.
But it seems for us that your education is what we call a normal 3 semestre education.
Therefor it will be ok concerning right to dagpenge - but you have to get this confirmed by other, for instance your A-kasse.

If your Top Up has 90 ECTS this means that it has 3 semestre. But regarding dagpenge ECTS is not crucial, it is still the study plan.

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