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in 2013 I was searching for a job in Denmark, unfortunately this did not work and so I went to Estonia to work for University of Tartu.
 I quit my current job this week and I would like to know whether I am suitable for unemployment support.
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to answer your question we need further information from you.

The point of departure is that a person who physically exclusively performs his/her job functions in Denmark is comprised by Danish social security rules (etc. Unemployment benefits).

So first of all, you have to live and work in Denmark to become member of an A-kasse. You do not write where you live now.

And When you live in Denmark you have to be member for one 1 year of an A-kasse before you are entitled to get unemployment benefits.
Besides this you have to have been working in Denmark also for one year, or if you study in Denmark you have to complete study of 3 semester.

It is under no circumstances enough that you have been in Denmark seeking job, and if you have been studying in Denmark in 2013 it is too late now to use the special rules for new graduates here in Denmark.

Please comment this post if you have further questions.


I could not specify my situation more before as there was a word limit. But more specifically now:
I studied in Denmark from 2009 until 2013. When I graduated in 2013 I had been a member for longer than a year and since I could not find a job after graduation I signed up for a-kasse services, applied for jobs and received unemployment support for 3 months. After that I was offered a job opportunity in Estonia full time while also starting my Master's degree in Finance.
I remember vaguely that then I was told I would be a member of a-kasse until 2016. Im not sure is this true as I cant understand danish that well and cant find all the info in english.
I graduated from my Master's programme and decided to leave my current job this week and this is why I am writing. I remember reading from your homepage that an a-kasse member can for first 3 months search for a job inside EU.

So Im just confirming if I am eligible for support or I misunderstood it.

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you are right that you can search for job for 3 months inside EU-countries and still keep your righst according to Unemployment benefits.

But we have to make this clear:
When you leaved Denmark you canceled you membership of an danish A-kasse? If not, have you paid membership-fee since then?
You are not member if you have not paid you membershipfee (4 times/year).
When you started working in Estonia you get comprised by the A-kasse system in Estonia and not the Danish system any longer.

I also am not clear about - are you going to move to Denmark again now - or what?

Under all circumstances as mentioned in my first answer you have to stay/work in Denmark (ok you have the 3 months to seek job, but besides that..)
to be member of an A-kasse.
When you study there is some special rules. A master can give you new rights to receive Unemployment benefits.
And sometimes study outside Denmark is recognised as good as an Danish study according to Unemployment funds.
BUT again you have to have stay in Denmark just before starting education and also right after you finish - and that seem not to be the case for you.

So if you are not moving to Denmark you can never be eligible for Unemployment funds.

Hope its more clear now.


Thanks for clearing everything out for me. I was actually thinking of searching for jobs in Denmark and simultaneously in other countries as well to make sure I find something.

Your email cleared a lot of questions for me, so thanks again.