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my friend asked to write here these questions. She used to live in Copenhagen with me from 2015 to summer 2017 when she ended her studies and moved back to her origin country and started studying at another university. She signed up for A-kasse in 2015 unaware what it really was. I think in 2018 came 2-3 letters (to the girls who still lived there in Copenhagen) which required some payments until her name on the mailbox scrabbed away. She has never paid them (it was like 1000 dkk) because it was too expensive, she didn't have a Danish account, and she did not live in Denmark anymore. Is her membership already cancelled? Could there be any possible debts? She has never received any money from Akasse, she was only required to pay. She has been a student and she is one at the moment, she just doesn't live in Denmark anymore.
Thank you in advance.
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normally when a A-kasse member don't pay the invoices the membership will just be canceled after some reminders/warnings, so I think thats what happend to your friend.

However I will recommend to contact the particular A-kasse themselves directly, if you (your friend) want to be sure that there is not any debts remaining.

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thank you!! I will talk to her.

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