Unemployment benefits after MSc programme

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    I am 37, and full time MSc student, unemployed but getting SU as spouse of EU citizen who works in Denmark. I am also full time member of A-kasse. I wonder if I am entitled to get unemployment benefits once I am done with my studies?




    a master can in itself give the right to Unemployment benefits after the rule for newly graduates.
    However, the following conditions must be met:

    1. your education is public recognised. I think it must be when you receive SU.
    2. your education must have a duration of at least 18 months/3 semestre
    3. you have the right to take any job with one day notice after graduation. If you are EU-citizen your self you can take any job.
    If you are a non-EU you can still have right to take any job because you are spouse of EU-citizen working in Denmark.

    We do not help with residence/work permit. If you are in doubt whether you have the right to work in Denmark after graduation
    I will recommend to contact SIRI, https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/ContactUs/Contact%20SIRI.

    If you think you will be entitled to unemployment benefits, its very important that you contact your A-kasse at latest
    14 days after graduation and ask to be registered with graduate status/and apply for benefits.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber, A-kasser.dk

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