Member of Unemployment Insurance Fund (A-kasse) as a graduate

If you do not immediately have a job after finishing your education you are entitled to receive unemployment benefits.

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How much money will you get?
The amount you get depends on whether you have dependent children or not. You have dependent children, if you have the obligation to contribute to a child (or children) under 18 years who are staying in Denmark. Are you EU / EEA citizen, you are considered also as a parent if the child resides in an EU / EEA country. Stepchildren do not count in this context.
If you have dependent children you can get DKK 15,844 pr. month in Unemployment benefits. If you don't have dependent children - then you can get DKK 13,815 pr. month.

You can join the a-kasse if:
-You had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.
-You are in Denmark no later than 14 days (including weekends) after you end your education, i.e. you must apply for membership within two weeks (14 days) of completing your education.

Does it matter if you are EEA citizen or a non-EEA citizen?

All students/graduates (EU or non-EU) can become member of an danish A-kasse

You can no matter if you are EEA or non-EEA student join the unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) after the same rules as Danish students, for instance you can get free membership of an A-kasse (student membership) for up to 5 years. This will give you access to use some (or all) of the member benefits that the A-kasse offers.
But be aware that you can only be entitled to unemployment benefit ("Dagpenge") after graduation if you have the right to work in Denmark (read more in next section).

Work permit

To get benefits you must have right to work full time in Denmark after graduation

EU citizens can apply for benefits
With an EU residency you are allowed (without need for work permit) to stay in Denmark and search for job, after you finish your education. In this job-seek period you can apply for unemployment benefits in Denmark if you are unemployed after you have finished your education.

Non-EU citizens needs work-permit
If you have a student residence permit (only non-EU/EAA citizens) in order to participate in and complete higher education in Denmark, you also have a residence permit for 6 additional months after the end of the study. The scheme will provide one opportunity to seek work in Denmark after graduation.

As mentioned above also non-EAA students can be member of an danish A-kasse. However it is important that you understand that international students (coming from other than EEA countries) will not have the same right to get unemployment benefits as danish or EEA-students.
As a non-EEA citizen you are only entitled to benefits if you have a work permit that gives you right to work FULL-time.
The work permit can not be limited to a certain job or a certain amount of hours. A work permit that you have applied for and gotten for a specific job is not sufficient. Neither is a "Student work permit". The 20 hours restriction also apply in the 6 months additional job-seeking period.

Although you are allowed to work full-time in the months june, july and august, it is not allowed with your study-visa to receive Unemployment benefits.
Read our special article concerning non-EEA graduates rights to unemployment benefits.

The 2-week deadline is fixed

If you join an unemployment fund within two weeks of your date of graduation, you will be regarded as a new graduate.
If you do not join an unemployment fund within two weeks, you will only be able to receive benefit once you have been a member of the fund for one year and meet the income requirement (have had an income of at least DKK 243,996 during the last 3 years in total). The 2-week deadline is laid down by the law, and the unemployment funds are not able to make dispensations.
Therefore be aware: this 2-week deadline is extremely important.

It is a good idea to apply to an unemployment fund before you finish your study.
Normally you can apply for membership after the rules for new graduates up to 6 months before ending study.
You will not be charged for membership before you have graduated.
If you do that you will have fulfilled the 2-week rule, but in that case contact your a-kasse when you have graduated and tell them that you are now graduated and want to have the benefits as a new graduate.

What does it cost?

You can check the prises in our comparison of prices.

How to apply for membership?

Everything is done online. Use links shown below or just click on links/logos around our
site, and you will be directed to online application form at the A-kasse's website.
If you are not directed directly to online application form, then at the A-kasse website choose
menu often called "Bliv medlem" or "Tilmeld dig her".
If possible choose membership type for new graduates (in danish "medlem som nyuddannet"
or "medlem som dimittend"). If not possible to choose, just remember to mention in
your application form that you are applying for membership under the special rules for new graduates.
After have filled out the online application form you will receive mail-confirmation from the A-kasse.

Which A-kasse should you choose?

You will get exactly the same (financial) benefits no matter what A-kasse you choose to become member of.
Your unemployment benefits is payed/secured by the Danish State.

What about access to legal help?
A-kasse membership only (mainly) gives you right to benefits ("dagpenge"). However it can be a good idea also to pay for Union membership, especially as a foreigner in Denmark. With Union membership you can get help with for example your employment contract, or help in case you have some legal disagreements with your employer.
If you decide to have both A-kasse and Union membership we recommend to choose one of the so called "Yellow Unions/A-kasser".
Read more about A-kasse+Union membership and see our comparison of the different offers.

We have been investigating which member benefits (relevant for graduates) some of the most popular A-kasser for graduates offers their members. For full info use link "Read more..".

A-kasse Target edu. Price per month
Price per month 2021
Network events
Online Sign Up/
Read more
Long higher edu. DKK
Yes Engineers, economists, lawyers, doctors, architects Yes
Sign Up/
FTF A-kasse
Short to medium higher edu. DKK
Yes Many Yes
Sign Up/
More about FTFa..
Min A-kasse Short to medium higher edu. DKK
Yes Many No
Sign Up/

More about Min-A..
CA A-kasse Long edu. within busi-
Yes High educated working within private business Yes
Sign Up/

More about CA..

*Lønsikring = possible to buy additional insurance. With lønsikring you can be covered for up to 90% of your salary.

In Denmark you are free to choose which fund (A-kasse) you wish to belong to, but many people choose the fund that is traditionally associated with their degree course. The funds that graduates often choose are for example:

Min A-kasse

Min A-kasse - is open for anyone, regardless of education. Because of their tight cooperation with PROSA (the Union for IT professionals) "Min A-kasse" has many members among people who studies or are educated within IT. Has high member satisfaction and few complaints.


CA A-kasse

CA A-kasse - for "business-graduates", working in the private sector.
CA covers many diciplines within business, but specializing in Management, Finance, Communication, HR etc.


FTF A-kasse

FTFa is the choice for many graduates from "Academy Profession Programmes" or "Professional Bachelor Programmes".
FTFa work together with about 60 different professional organisations and/or Unions and therefore they cover many different professional fields.


Themes about A-kasse