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    As an EU citizen, I was admitted in an engineering master program at DTU in 2012. Unfortunately, I needed to withdraw before finishing education and then leave the country without address for more than a year for personal reasons. I have returned, worked, got a permanent residence permit with the intetion to settle and am graduating in January 2021 after being readmitted in the same program in 2020.

    I was wondering if I am entitled to unemployment benefits as a new graduate in such case (considering that I am becoming a member of a-kasse in January 2021) and if I am what date should be declerad as my arrival date – the one in 2012 or the one in 2019 when I registered in Denmark after my absence. I do not have official documents to prove my arrival in 2012 two days before the start of my program apart from my accommodation contract but might be able to get some kind of confirmation for the date I got my keys. Not sure how official such a document should be. I got my CPR a month and 10 days after my arrival.

    I am aware of the one month waiting period if I happen to be eligible and of the deadlines for becoming a member and registering as unemployed.

    BR, Alice



    An education of more than 18 months or 3 semi-annual semesters, which is interrupted and later resumed and completed, meets the conditions for giving right to unemployment benefits after the graduate rule.

    Off course provided that you meet the other requirements for being eligbile as graduate. And you are right one of them is that you must have stayed in Denmark right before starting the education and again at latest 14 days after graduation. The fact that you have stayed outside Denmark during the education is not a problem.

    It is the arrival date in 2012 which is important/relevant regarding your right to unemployment benefits.

    What kind of proof the A-kasse will ask you, I can not say for sure. Normally a tenant-agreement will be a good proof. When CPR was registered is not relevant in this regard.

    best regards,
    Anders Weber,

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