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    I am going to graduate on 21st June, with PhD from SDU.
    Am I eligible for A-kasser ? I can see some rules, and they appear little confusing to me.
    I have an Indian passport, and I am currently living here as a dependent on my wife’s work permit as mine finished in Nov. 2021.
    My wife has her work permit until March 2024.
    I will be very thankful if you kindly confirm my eligibility.



    as you say yourself, for a non-EU citizen to be eligible for Unemployment benefits (“Dagpenge”), one must have work permit/right to stay and work in Denmark on full time on the day one apply for dagpenge.

    This is due to the requirement that one must be available for the labor market in order to receive dagpenge.

    Your own work permit has finished, however as an accompanying family member to a work permit holder, you have the right to work full time in Denmark. We do not guide about residence-/work permit, but refers to SIRI. I think you have to find out what happens to your right to work when your wifes work permit expires.

    But assuming you can take any job in Denmark, then we can look at the other requirements.

    As an (coming) PhD you have to ways to go when it comes to A-kasse and Unemployment benefits.
    However the first one requires that you already have been member and paid to A-kasse during you PhD study for at least 1 year as an employee.
    In this way you can qualify for unemployment benefits as a “normal” member of an A-kasse, and get a higher benefit amount, than you will as a graduate (see below).
    You dont tell us if you have been paying to A-kasse as an paid employee during your PhD, som we assume you dont have.

    So you must probably use the special rule for graduates.
    We have a detailed article about the graduate rule, so we will not write this here again, but recommend you to carefully read this article:

    With an PhD you meet the requirement about the education (duration etc.), however you must be aware that
    there also is an requirement saying that you are living in Denmark not only when graduating, but also that you had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,


    Thanks, Anders.

    I think I fulfil the requirements.

    Just to be clear about the following requirement. Read my query below

    you are living in Denmark not only when graduating, but also that you had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.

    I arrived in Denmark on 16th Nov. 2018.

    My PhD contract was starting on 17th Nov. However, 17th and 18th were Saturday and Sunday respectively.

    Then on Monday the 19th, I applied for CPR number.

    But I had rented an apartment through University from Nov. 16th. Can that be considered as my permanent address?

    Or do you mean that I need to own a house even before I start my education in a foreign country like Denmark ?

    If you think I fulfill this criteria, then kindly share the procedure to apply.

    I think I have to apply within 14 days of my graduation.


    Hi again,

    yes for sure the tenant agreement will be prove enough for a permanent address, if the A-kasse ask you.

    The registration of CPR is not important in this context.

    About procedure to apply:

    we have an article/page about this here:

    But it is simple. You can sign up through our site – use the buttons “Sign Up online”, on this page

    I can see that your PhD study is within the health sector.

    Probably your collegues can help you about what A-kasse to choose.

    But we recoemmend to choose an A-kasse targeted higher educated people, and also one that covers your discipline.

    Yes you must apply at latest 14 days after graduation. You must tell the A-kasse that you want to be registered with graduate rights (in danish: “dimittendrettigheder”), and that you want to receive unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”).

    One more important thing: you must register as unemployed at, from the day you want to receive dagpenge from (June 21).

    While you have not had a (free) study membership for at least 1 year before graduation, then you must accept a quarantine the first month after registration in A-kasse and

    So there will be some period in the start where you dont get paid dagpenge.

    Best regards,


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