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    Josef Szanto

    I have a little bit complicated question about student A-kasse. I’m international student from the Czech republic and currently studying TOP-UP in Vejle. I’m going finish my studies in January 16th or 17th is my last bachelor exam. I have not paid A-kasse membership before and I’m not even member at your A-kasse. Also, I have registered my self at kommune that I’m leaving country on the 21st of January and I wanted to apply for unemployment benefit in Czechia, but they told me to register myself at Danish A-kasse and fill up the document PD U2. They told me that Denmark was my country for the last few years and that according to this document should pay my unemployment benefit meanwhile I’m looking for a job in Czechia. It was surprise to me. So my question What should I do to make this happen ?

    Thank you very much for the answer
    Josef Szanto



    as an EU citizen, who will be graduating in Denmark you have the rights to get unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”) after the graduate rules.

    There are som requirements for being eligible for Unemployment benefits as graduate. You can see them here:

    If you meet all the requirements, and you are approved for dagpenge by your A-kasse, then you can use the right to go to another EU-country to look for job, and still receive dagpenge from the danish A-kasse for up to 3 month.

    You can read about the 3 months job-search period here:

    It is very important that you register in the Danish A-kasse (with graduate rights) at latest 14 days after graduation – but you can do it already now.
    After you have registered you must ask the A-kasse to issue a PD U2 document for you. This document you have to present for the chech unemployment authority.

    Hope it helps

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber, A-kasser.dk

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