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    Is it possible to have an A-kasse with a part-time job as sales assistant? If yes, which one you recommend? Thanks



    you can have A-kasse membership also with a part-time job.

    But you must be aware of the following:

    1. if you sign up for a normal full-time membership you must also – in case you get unemployed and apply for unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”) – be able to/and ready to be full available for the labor-market, meaning that you must apply for full-time jobs, and can take any full-time job with one day notice.
    2. If you work less than 30 hours per week, you instead have the option sign up for part-time A-kasse membership. In this case you also only need to available part-time for the labor-market in case you apply for dagpenge. Part-time A-kasse membership is a little cheaper but you will also receive less in dagpenge. You can see the current rates here.
    3. But for being eligbile for dagpengeret you must meet the income-requirement. The income-requirement states that you must earn/have a income of at least DKK 238,512 during the last 3 years (in total) for full-time insured or DKK 159,012 if you are part-time insured. Only periods where you have been member of A-kasse can be included to meet the income-requirement.
    4. If you only have little income, it can take long time to have earned enough to meet the income-requirement.

    So yes, its definately possible to have A-kasse with part-time job, but its important you consider the different aspect pointed out above before you sign up or when choosing between part-time or full-time A-kasse membership.

    You are welcome to post your comments.

    Which A-kasse I will recommend?

    It depends of your preferences – if you only want A-kasse, we recommend FTFa.

    If you want A-kasse with cheap Union we recommend KRIFA.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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