Should I keep my CPR nr. when abroad and receiving A-kasse?


I will be a graduate from June and I would like to look for work where my partner has just found work, in Czech Rep. I have seen that I can apply for a dispensation for the 4 week rule, to receive A-kasse in the EU - Is there a requirement for me to keep the Dansk CPR number?



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no...CPR number is not mandatory for your rights to receive dagpenge. However you will not be able to use NEM ID to log in to your A-kasse website and, which you are obliged to do regulary while receiving dagpenge.

So, I will recommend you to ask your A-kasse and also jobcenter if you need to keep your Cpr. of practical reasons.

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Thank you very much, very helpful. That is very useful information to ask about, the NEM ID login beforehand.