Jobsearch in EU with dagpenge from the danish A-kasse?


I would like to learn about job search in another EU country while
obtaining unemployment benefits from Denmark.

I am a single mother who is a new graduate.

I would like to search for jobs also outside Denmark. However, I can
only be outside Denmark during school holidays due to the school of my
child. Therefore I can only go abroad for 1-1,5 months.

I would need to bring my child to her grandparents before moving to
another EU country for job search. For this I need to take holidays.

Is it possible to move to another EU country just after taking

I think that maximal job search period in one country is 3 months. Is
a shorter job search period of 1 month also possible?

Can I only move to a certain EU country once in the two year period or
can I go to the same country one more time?

Thank you very much.
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I don't know if you already have read our article about this specific topic.
I think there is no reason I write it all here again, so if you don't mind reading here:

As you can see in the article there are quite many things you must do, also when you arrive at the other EU country. I.e. register as a jobseeker with the national employment services within 7 days, submit your PD U2 document etc..

Also be aware that its only possible to transfer Unemployment benefits if you are an EU/EEA citizen and only if you search for job in another EU/EEA country. Not ouside EU/EEA.

Its ok just to go to another country for 1-1,5 months. The 3 months is the maximum allowed.

IS IT POSSIBLE JUST AFTER HOLIDAYS? I think this has no effect, but I will recommend you get this confirmed by your A-kasse. Because one of the requirements is that you must have been registered as an unemployed
jobseeker with the Jobcenter for at least 4 weeks before leaving Denmark. But normally holiday is ok in the Unemployment system in Denmark (as long as you inform your A-kasse and about it).

In few situations the requirements are less strict:

  1. if you go to your home EU-country you only need to have been registered one week as unemployed before you can leave Denmark
  2. if you are a newly graduate and have 1 months quarantine, then you can go to your home country in the quarantine-period.


If you do not find work, you must register again at your local Jobcenter (or to be able to receive benefits in Denmark again, when you
return. I am not sure what the A-kasse/Jobcenter will ask of you if you plan to go to the other specific country more than one time. You must ask your A-kasse about this.

The PD U2 license applies only to one country. If you wish to take your unemployment benefit to a new country, you must request another PD U2 form. Check with your A-kasse if you need to return home to Denmark and
apply for this new license, or if you can do it from abroad.

If you have previously used a certificate PD U2, you must have work before you can get a new certificate.
Are you full-time insured, you must work at least 296 hours within 12 weeks / 3 months. The work may well be done abroad if you have been insured against unemployed in the other EEA country during the working period.

As our answer show, this is quite complicated topic, and many things to be aware of. Therefore as mentioned, we strongly recommend you to consult your A-kasse in good time.

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