CV og rådighedssamtale - What can i expect?


I am already receiving dagpenge for the last 14 months. All the meetings i have had so far were with the Jobcenter and now i am invited on a meeting at my A-kasse ‘CV og rådighedssamtale’.

What can i expect at this kind of meeting?

Thank you.

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the A-kasse want to find out if you really are available for the labour market, which means that you really try to get - and want to - have a job.

Therefore part of the meeting will also be to talk about your CV, and what kind of jobs, that you should apply for.

You should be prepared, that the A-kasse want you to search for more broad range of jobs and also within longer distance from your home.

Normally these meetings will result in that you agree with the A-kasse about the "job-plan", which is your plan for getting a job.

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