Recently graduated, keeping a part time job, what to do?


I graduated 8 days ago and have been a member of the union as well as A-Kasser for over a year, while not paying for the membership due to the student status.

I am planning to start masters from August (not admitted yet) and keep my current part-time job. The part-time job earns me less than 13,489 DKK per month.

I would like to receive financial support until I start the masters (or until I acquire a full-time position in case I am not admitted - that is my plan). I understand, that the unemployment benefit would be the deduction of my salary from the above-mentioned amount of 13489.

I contacted my union about it, but they were unable to help me and asked to contact the A-Kasser in regards to part-time work.

What should I consider?
How shall I proceed? I know that I have only 14 days from the date of my final exam.
Which form should I fill out in the self-service? Is it AK044?
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I can not tell you which form you need to fill out. It can varies among the different A-kasser. Be aware that you have contactet us, We are not your A-kasse, but a generel guide about a-kasse and dagpenge.

So, you should contact your own A-kasse as soon as possible, and at latest 2 weeks after graduation.

What will be the best for you to do, i.e. if it will be a good idea to receive supplementary benefits, depends on many different factors.

You have up to maximum 30 weeks with supplementary benefits. But it will be enough until you start on the Master, so in this way it could probably be a good option for you to receive supplementary benefits.

Please note, that supplementary benefits is only an option if you can quit your part-time job with one day notice. And like others who receive benefits you must be willing to take a full-time job. You must search for full-time jobs.

It is not relevant if you earn less or more than DKK 13.489. If you are on supplementary benefits you will every month get paid for the hours you are missing up to 160,33. The A-kasse will not look on how much you have earned, only how many working hours your employer have registered for you.

If you complete a master with a duration of at least 18 months, you can earn a new period with dagpenge as an graduate.

There's is no right or wrong decision when it comes to decide whether to receive supplementary benefits or not, so it is something you must decide your self. But we recommend that you contact your A-kasse as soon as possible, and together with them find out what is best for you to do.

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