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Hi, i just graduated bachelor as a student, and i wanted to apply for A-Kasse. However, recently i heard that in order to apply, you have to been a member of a union for at least 1 year. I made some research and it seems like there are special rules for just graduated students, but i didn't really understood them while reading. I graduated successfully with good grades and i also worked enough to get my SU throughout the year.

So, my question is, can i sign for any A-Kasse as just graduated, even though i haven't been member of any union until now ?
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first of all you must know that there is difference between Union and A-kasse. Only A-kasse membership is needed if you want to be able to get Unemployment benefits.

Next, as an graduate you can get benefits ("dagpenge") if you sign up at latest 2 weeks after your graduation date.

And you are right there are special rules/favourable conditions for graduates. You can read about them here: https://a-kasser.dk/graduates/

If you had been free student member for at least 1 year before your graduation, then you would be able to get unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") from first day after graduation.

However because you have not been member at least one year, then you must accept a suspension period/quarantine for 1 month, meaning that you can only begin to receive benefits one month after your graduation.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk

Hey! Thanks A LOT for the fast response. I have some smaller but also important questions i want to ask you, and i will be very happy if you can answer.

1) I already passed my final exam, but my graduation is on 31st of January. So can i sign-up now, or i must wait until i graduate ?

2) You said that i will have 1 suspension month, can i still work in that month ?

3) Since I am working as a temporary worker in different warehouses, i don't have that kind of contract where i have to say that i quit if i want to quit, i can just stop going altogether. So is that ok by the A-kasse ?

4) I plan to go to a small vacation to see my parents in March, is that conflicting the A-Kasse ? Because i will still search and apply for a job in Denmark and go to the interviews as soon as my vacation is over.

I can't think of any more important questions, but i will be very happy to get answer on those ! :)

Thanks for your time

1) Yes, you can sign up now. Will be free of cost until graduation. But if you sign up now, you must remember to contact your A-kasse when you graduate, and tell you want to have graduate-rights.

2) The suspension can only be settled during periods when you are entitled to benefits from the A-kasse. This means that you are registered at the job center (are available for the labour market) and submit a unemployment benefit card.
So you can not settle suspension period, if you work. Because if you work you are not available for the labour market.

3) With the jobtype you have where you can leave without notice, then it will be possible for you to get supplementary benefits, but only for a period of maximum 30 weeks. You can read more about supplementary benefits in these Q&A:

4) When you say vacation in March, I assume your suspension period is over. You will not be able to get benefits for the period where you have holiday. When you go on holiday in another country you are not considered to be available for the labour market (you will not be able to take job with one days notice). You must report any holiday on the montly unemployment benefit card, that you fill out online every month at your A-kasse's website.
The A-kasse will deduct the days with holiday in the amount you receive in Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge"). The situation will be same regardless of you search job or not while on holiday.

If you instead would be able to go on holiday in the suspension period, then it is possible as a newly graduated to do that, if you go to your homecountry.
Remember to report vacation to Jobcenter no later than 14 days before the holiday starts.

Best regards,
Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk
Thanks again for all the information ! :) Have a great day