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I am an EU citizen and masters student in Denmark at KU. I will be graduating at the end of November and will likely be issued my diploma in late November/early December. I did not sign up with A-Kasser one year ago and therefore will be applying as a new applicant, and therefore, am subject to the one month quarantine. If I sign up in late November/early December will the month long quarantine mean I can only claim unemployment at the soonest in the first week of January and therefore am subject to the new rules, eliminating me from benefits? Or is the quarantine period subjecting me to the old rules?

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the new rule applies only to persons applying for dagpenge after January 1, 2019. And the residence requirement must be fulfilled at the start of the period you are granted dagpenge for (the start date for the "dagpengeperiode"), i.e the date when the unemployed person has right to dagpenge from. It is not nessasary the same day that you apply for dagpenge.

But you will apply for dagpenge the same date that you sign up for A-kasse (your graduation date), which will be in late November or start December. Everyone that has applied for dagpenge and has been approved by the A-kasse for being eligible for benefits before January 1, 2019 will be treated by the rules we have today (the existing rules). A quarantine is not the same as you have not been approved for dagpenge. When you get a quarantine you have been approved by the A-kasse, but need to wait 1 month before you can begin to receive dagpenge.

So the 1 month quarantine will not mean that you will be treated under the new rule, because you have applied before January 1, 2019 and will have been entitled to a 2-year period with Unemployment benefits, before January 1, 2019.

So you can get dagpenge for the full 2-year period, regardless of you meet the new residence requirement from January 1, 2019, or not. However with a 1 month quarantine.

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