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I would like to ask you. Is it possible to change a-kasse during period of taking benefits? Is there going to be a problem that in new a kasse I am not one year member? Because I earned enough during last 3 years and I am only scared that I will not be able to get benefits from new akasse. I am very unsatisfied with my present one and dont know my possibilities now.
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yes you can change to another A-kasse, regardless of you at the moment receive benefits or not.

You should only sign up with the new A-kasse. You should not cancel membership in your current A-kasse.

The new and the old A-kasse will find out everything about transfer earned rights i.e. membership periods, work/income, periods where you have received benefits, periods you still can receive benefits etc., to your new A-kasse.

And the membership in the old A-kasse will automatically be canceled, when everything is cleared between the two A-kasser.

Also they will ensure that you will only pay membership fee in one A-kasse. If you already have paid membership fee for coming period, then the old A-kasse will return money.

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