Can I use my feriedagpenge to prolong my dagpenge period?

My dagpenge period is ending soon, so I am trying to find ways to prolong it, so I have more time to find a job. I know that I can use some of the hours I worked. But can I also use my feriedagpenge the same way? Let's say I have earned 20 days in feriedagpenge. If I could use them to prolong my dagpenge period, will it count as doubled (the same way as my worked hours)? And if it is possible, how do I do it? I cannot find any form in my A-kasse Tast Selv. Thanks!
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only holiday paid by an employer (like salary) can be used to prolong the dagpenge period.

It means only if your are in a job, and you get paid your normal salary during your holiday, then this will count as normal salary in relation to earn right to dagpenge. The same applies if the employer instead of paying salary during holiday pay into your holiday-account ("feriegodtgørelse").

If you are unemployed and already in a dagpenge-period, then you must be aware that to prolong the period or earn right to a new 2-year period, it is the working-hours that count, not the income. However, if you take holiday during a period where you receive dagpenge, and you have holiday-money on you holiday-account ("feriekonto") from a previous job, then these days with holiday will be counted as "workingdays" - 1 day of holiday paid by money from "feriekonto" gives 7.4 working-hours.

However holidays paid by your money in the "feriekonto" can only be used to earn a new 2-year period with dagpenge, not to prolong the current period.

Holiday-money earned while unemployed (feriedagpenge), can not be used to prolong the dagpenge-period.

Holiday-money for unemployed can not be compared to holiday-money for people in job.

Lets us know if you need further help.

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