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will a person denied unemployment benefit  if he stopped two jobs as the same time?
if a person stop a job by himself  he will receive 3 weeks quarantine. Additionally,  the rule says  if he stop his job twice in the last 12 months he will  not eligible for unemployment benefit. My question is -
if he stopped two jobs as the same time , will a person denied unemployment benefit  ?
(which is treated the case as if he quit twice).
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The rule about losing your Unemployment benefits in case you stop job by your self again within 12 months, only applies if you already have a current quarantine in your A-kasse.

The A-kasse will only give you 1 time quarantine (3 weeks), if you quit two jobs at the same time.

If you have a quarantine for self-inflicted unemployment and you are self-inflicted again within 12 months, you will lose unemployment benefits until you have 300 pay hours reported to the income register within a continuous period of 3 months if you are paid monthly or 276 pay hours within a continuous period of 12 weeks.

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