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I am currently a student at IBA Kolding, at Multimedia Design AP degree. I would like to know if my degree is eligible for the membership and the unemployment fund. And in case it is, what is the right category for it.
Waiting for your reply.

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your education is eligible for membership (and benefits) from an A-kasse if its duration is 3 semester/18 months or longer.
The right choise for you would be "Min A-kasse"if you prefer to be in same A-kasse as a lot of others who work with IT in general.
If you prefer to be in an A-kasse with lot of high educated people you could choose either "MA A-kasse" (general for high educated) or "CA A-kasse" (for high educated people working within business).

As long as you are student membership is FREE in all of the 3 A-kasser mentioned.
It is a very good idea to become member at least one year before your study ends, because then you get benefits from day 1 after education if you dont find a job. (Otherwise you must wait 1 month to get benfits).

We recommend you to apply for membership now, because you also have other benefits from that. And all is free for students.

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