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For year 2019, if a person was not involved in some job, have the right of 16 days holidays allowence from A-kasse  from May  2020 till September 2020. But in case I will get a job after May 2020, does this mean I lose this right?
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Even if you now (after May 2020) have paid work, you can receive the holiday allowance ("feriedagpenge") you earned while receiving unemployment benefits from your A-kasse.

However there are some requirements:

  • You must have used up holiday money earned with your employer(s) before you can receive holiday allowance.
  • You are a member of a A-kasse 
  • You reside in Denmark up to the start of your holiday,
  • You would be entitled to unemployment benefit ("dagpenge") if you became unemployed tomorrow.

Remember to register your holiday at at latest 14 days before the holiday starts.

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