Is it mandatory to pay private pension in order to receive A-kasse?

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I've been employed for several months now and the agreement with my company is that they pay me the 8% private pension amount on top of my salary, and then it's optional for me if I pay it to a private pension fund (or not, in which case I would pay taxes on this 8%, as it won't be deductible anymore).

Is in any way the private pension related to A-kasse? I mean, they shouldn't be, it makes no sense since we also pay a membership fee for A-kasse, but I just want to make sure. So if I haven't paid private pension, I would still be able to receive A-kasse benefit if that unemployment situation ever occurs, yes?

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right to receive unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") is regulated in a law. In the law the requirements for being eligbile for dagpenge are stated. And paying to private pension is not one of the requirements, and paying or not to private pension has no influence on your right to Dagpenge.

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