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I have previously lived in Denmark and been a member of an A-kasse and, now living in Finland but considering moving back to Denmark in a couple of years to seek work when my PhD ends here. I have a few question about this I hope you can help me with:

1. Is there any sort of minimum payment that you receive on the A-kasse? My income here is quite low, but so are expenses, but I think expenses will be higher in Denmark. For example, if I have earned only 10,000 Euros a year for the past three years, will my daily allowance be only 90% of this (around 6750 DKK per month)?

2. Does the amount of dagpenge that I previously received from Denmark affect the amount I would receive? (it would have been 4-5 years since receiving it).

3. Related to this, when transferring from abroad, does the amount of dagpenge that I am entitled to in Finland affect how much I would get in Denmark, or is it just calculated based on recent wages?

4. Regarding the condition of having been entitled to A-kasse within 5 years: "If you within the last 5 years been entitled to Unemployment benefits in Denmark, or have received Unemployment benefits in Denmark you don't need to meet the 296 hours requirement." Does this mean that if I rejoin a Danish unemployment fund within 5 years of leaving I am eligible, even if I am still working for some time before becoming unemployed?

5. I may have an option to move away during the final stages of my PhD. If I move to Denmark while still having my wage paid from Finland, possibly to a Finnish bank account, can I join a Danish unemployment fund?

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1. there is no minimum payment. So you will get 90% of your previous income. In the calculation the A-kasse will use the "best 12 months within the last 24 months".

2. No, not if it is 4-5 years since you received dagpenge last time.

3. If you move to Denmark and are entitled to dagpenge in Denmark, then you will get the amount that is calculated according to the calculation mentioned above. What your are entitled to in Finland is not relevant.

4. If you have been member of an danish A-kasse within the last 5 years, then you can transfer your rights (membership period, and working hours/income) from the finnish unemployment insurance system on the day you arrive in Denmark. You do not need to work in Denmark 296 hours before you can transfer your rights.

5. Within EU, you are only allowed to be member in one A-kasse (unemployment Insurance) at a time, and that must be in the country where you work. So as long as you are working for a finnish company/have your work-place in Finland, then you shuld keep you memberhsip in Finland. But if you can transfer rights then it should not give any difference if your are member in Denmark or Finland.

When you have a relative low income, then you must be aware that for being eligible for dagpenge in Denmark you need to meet the "income-requirement". This means that you must have earned at least DKK 233,376 (in 2019) during the last 3 years (in total). Only periods with membership (in Finland or Denmark) can be counted to fulfill the income-requirement.

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