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I finished my bachelor in DK 2 years ago. June 2017 and let a-kasse know back then about my graduation. However I started my master right away so I did not use any unemployment benefits and let the a-kasse know that I started master studies. Now 2 years later I am considering dropping out of my studies. I am not kicked out by university and I only miss a thesis and an elective, but I want to take a break. Now I am thinking of potentially stopping studies in august 2019. I currently have a doctor notice to take a rest and evaluate my situation and consider finishing vs taking a break/resigning. But I read somewhere that you only have up to 2 years to start using your earned graduate rights (the right I have based on my finished bachelor). Is it going to be a problem to go on dagpenge if it is 2 years and 2 months after my graduation?
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From when you got registered with graduate status in june 2017, you have a 2-year period with unemployment benefits ("dagpenge"), which must be used within a 3-year reference-period.

However, there is a additional rule, saying that if you have NOT received any dagpenge yet, then the last 52 weeks of your education must be within the last 3 years.

And that's why we say on our website, that there in practice is a two-year deadline from the end of your education.

We recommend to get this confirmed by your A-kasse.

Best regards,

Anders Weber,
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