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    Dear sir/madam
    My name is Alexandra Nastouli and I am writing to since I would to know if it’s possible for me to get the unemployment benefits from AKA. I was registered in AKA until August 2020 (if I’m not wrong) and from that point I have 36 month contract in Greece which ends at 30th of July 2023.
    So, I would like to ask you if I can receive the unemployment benefits from Denmark, and if yes, what’s the procedure I should follow.
    Also, I would like to try and search for a job at the country I am citizen of, Greece, firstly. Could I get the a-kasse for 3 months from abroad? How long should I stay in Denmark before I apply for pdu2?

    Thanks in advance,
    Alexandra Nastouli



    you need to move to Denmark (at least for a while) before you can be eligible for Unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”) from a danish A-kasse.

    BUT since you have been member of a danish A-kasse within the last 5 years it will be easier for you to get dagpenge from the danish A-kasse.
    However this requires that you have been insured against unemployment in Greece.

    As an EU-citizen you can use PD U1 document to transfer your acquired rights (insurance periods and working periods) from the Greek Unemployment Insurance Scheme to the danish A-kasse.

    In the danish A-kasse the insurance period and working period in Greece can then be used to meet the requirements for being eligible for dagpenge in Denmark.
    Read about PD U1 here:
    Read about requirements for being eligible for dagpenge here:

    After you have been approved to get dagpenge from an danish A-kasse, you can use PD U2 to keep your dagpenge from the danish A-kasse while searching for job in another EU-country. As a starting point you need to have been unemployed for 4 weeks before you can use PD U2. However if you go to search for job in your home EU-country (Greece) you only need to have been unemployed 1 week before you can use PD U2.

    Read about PD U2 here:

    We recommend that you also talk to AKA (or another danish A-kasse) before moving to be sure about your rights.

    Please post any comments here.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,

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