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    Dear A-Kasse,

    I’m a new graduate who just finished her bachlor’s degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. I’m a non-EU citizen. And I want to apply for an Establishment Card in November, 2021, to stay longer (hereafter referred to EC). My teacher suggested me to apply for FTFa’s graduation allowance. It seems to conflict with the conditions of the EC. I asked FTFa they said their fund is private, so it should not violate the range of “public benefit”. But here on your website it says that “it is a condition that you do not receive unemployment benefits for new graduates (dimittenddagpenge) or any public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act (lov om aktiv socialpolitik) during your stay in Denmark. ”

    So I want to get a definite answer of whether I can receive benefits from FTFa or not, when I have to apply for the EC later. Thank you very much!




    thanks for your question.

    It is a clear condition mentioned in the law that you can not

    get unemployment benefits as graduate at the same time as

    having/or applying for establishment Card.

    I will recommend you to read our article here:


    And maybe also from nyidanmark.dk:


    Best regards,

    Anders Weber, A-kasser.dk

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