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    Dear A-kasser-Team,

    I (an EU-citizen) have worked the past 5 years in an EU-country and have paid into the local “A-kasse” during that time. Soon, I will be moving to DK.
    I believe the rules to transfer the benefits to the danish A-kasse are the following: start working in DK no later than 8 weeks for at least 25 hours per week for a minimum amount of 3 months after having finished the job/stopped paying into the local “A-kasse” (hope that is correct?).
    Besides my job, I have also worked as a freelancer. Not very successfully, but since mid 2019. I would prefer to now only work as a freelancer (selvstaendig) in DK to get that really going. Would it still be possible to transfer my benefits from my “A-kasse” to the Danish A-kasse when I do not start an employment at a Danish employer but worked as a freelancer/selvstaendig? If yes, is the process any different and do I need to earn a minimum amount – keeping in mind that I will only build up my “selvstaendig” work in DK and might not have a lot of income in the beginning?

    I am very much looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you!



    I assume that your question is about transfering acquired rights (insurance and work periods) from your home country “A-kasse”, and NOT about transfering Unemployment benefits. Its two very different things and different rules apply.

    But in the case that we are talking about transfering acquired rights from your home country “A-kasse” (PD U1 document), the rules are as you say:
    within 8 weeks after you have ceased to be insured in your home country you must sign up with an danish A-kasse (we recommend to do it as soon as you move to Denmark), and you must begin work in Denmark and work for at least 296 hours over 12 weeks / 3 months.

    The “work” can also be as self-employed.
    If self-employment cannot be documented via the annual statement (“Årsopgørelsen”), the working
    hours in the company can be included in the calculation of the 296 hours, if the company during the period
    has been cvr-registered, the company is run more than temporarily and the member declares to run self-employed business.

    The requirements for being eligible for Unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”) as self-employed are similar to the requirements for wage-earners.

    You must have been member for at least 1 year and you must have earned at least DKK 246,924 during the last 3 years (in total).
    In these two requirements the insurance period and income earned in you home country will be taken into account, if you meet the above mentioned requirements for transfering rights.

    Income both as wage-earner and self-employed from you home-country can be used.

    You can also read more in our articles about these topics:

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,

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