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    Hello, I am a soon-to-be graduate who has lived and worked (part-time) in Denmark for the whole time of my education. I have been signed-up for A-kasse now for over a year. After graduation I am doing an internship abroad in another EU country for 6-months. Will I be still eligible for A-kasse once I come back, even if I de-register my CPR for that period?

    thank you.



    I assume your are an EU-citizen.

    If you get your graduate rigths (status as graduate) registered in your A-kasse at latest 14 days after graduation, then you will be granted a 2-year period with dagpenge. The 2-year period with dagpenge must be used within a 3-year reference period.

    If you move to another EU-country for working the rules states that you must be insured against unemployment in the EU-country where you work. I am not sure if an internship can be considered as work (or study).

    In case it is considered as study you can keep your membership with the danish A-kasse. Otherwise you must be registered with the unemployment Insurance in the country where you will do the internship.

    You can only be covered by the unemployment insurance system in one EEA country at a time. It is important you ask your danish A-kasse before leaving, which country you must be insured in.

    But regardless of where you must be insured, you can always transfer your rights between EU-countries. So if you need to be insured in another EU-country you can transfer your aquired rights from the danish A-kasse to the Unemployment Insurance in the other EU-country..

    And again if you return to Denmark you can transfer rights again. This will include your graduate rights.

    To be able to transfer right between EU-countries you need a PD U1 document.

    You can apply for a PD U1 document by using application form EEA 4.1 and sending it to your danish A-kasse. You can find the formular here.

    So, yes you will be eligible for A-kasse if you come back within the 3-year reference period. CPR is not relevant in relation to your rights to dagpenge. So you can deregister CPR if you want.

    Let me know if you have comments.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber, A-kasser.dk

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