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    Hi, I am currently working as a warehouse operator.
    Work is bringing me many physical problems due to lifting heavy things and the workload, which also generates stress from long working hours.
    The doctor recommended me to change jobs but I still can’t find anything.
    If I quit, could I immediately collect unemployment benefits?.
    A-Kasse would not see it as a physical impediment to find another job and would not pay me?.
    I am obliged to accept another warehouse job, as this would not be possible due to the problems mentioned above?.
    Of course I want to find a new job as soon as possible, but where it doesn’t hurt me physically.
    I await your response, thank you.



    it is difficult to answer your question accurately, in the sense that I can’t say for sure if you will get a 3 weeks quarantine for self-inflicted unemployment or not. To do that i would need to know more about your case.
    But I can tell you some about the rules regarding health problems when quitting job.

    The start of point is that you will get the 3 weeks quarantine if you quit the job your self, however there are some valid reasons for quitting a job without getting quarantine in the A-kasse.
    Among these is also health-related problems.

    The rules for this can you find in “Bekendtgørelse om selvforskyldt ledighed“, kapitel 3.

    If you look into §13, it states:

    • you need some some documentation from a doctor.
    • the health problems must be the reason why one can not handle the work
    • it must be a health problem of a lasting nature in relation to the your work function
    • You must have tried to get other work at the workplace, which you can handle, possibly by involving the Worker Union

    In addition to meeting these conditions, you must also be able to be available for the job market. This means you must be able to take any job with one day notice.

    If your health problems means that you can not take any job, then its possible other kind of public support/assistance you must apply for.

    Please post any comments here.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,

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