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    Dear a-kasser team,

    I have a PD U2 form and need to register as unemployed and hand over my PDU2 form within 7 days of registering in Denmark (today). However, I do not know where I can do that. I talked with the kommune I moved to and also the job center, but nobody knows how to do it. I also did not find any information online on where to register and hand over my PDU2 form.

    Thanks for your help!



    since January 1, 2022 it has been the municipalities (kommuner) which is responsible for handle the PD U2.

    The municipality must carry out the registration and the dialogue with the EU jobseeker in connection with attendance at the municipality. The kommune is also responsible for the dialogue with authorities in the job seeker’s home country, administration of relevant EU forms and ensure that the job seeker creates a CV and is actively looking for a job.

    The municipalities have per 1 January 2022 took over the task from Workindenmark.

    In some cases, the municipalities have entered into cooperation agreements with an International Citizen Service (ICS municipality), which can register the jobseeker on behalf of the municipality of residence.

    So, you must ask your kommune again, and they must tell you exactly who (within the kommune) that should have the PD U2 and the dialogue with you.

    If they dont believe you, you can refer to this link:

    Please note that the registration in the municipality must take place within 7 days from the date shown in the PD U2 document, as later registration will result in benefit consequences for the person.

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,


    Hi Anders,

    Thanks for your quick reply and for your answer. It is very helpful to have this information now, because everybody sent me to someone else and I have been calling around a lot with nobody feeling responsible – Thank you!

    Kind regards

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