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    I come from a non-EEA country and I intend to apply for “Establishment Card” once I graduated, which will be in the next year, June of 2022.

    I understand that it is one of the requirements for getting visa under the Establishment Card Scheme that I don’t receive Unemployment Benefits or any other public assistance. However, I was informed that Unemployment benefits from A-kasse is not public assistance since it’s private.

    Does that mean it is relevant for me to apply for A-kasse?

    Thank you in advance!



    in my answer I assume that you are going to complete a bachelor or master (kandidatuddannelse), not a PhD.

    you are correct about that in regard to many situations/legislation Unemployment Benefits (“dagpenge”) is not seen as public assistance.

    It is more seen like an private insurance you pay for and may or may not use.

    However, specifically in relation to “Establishment card” the legislation (Udlændingeloven, §9a, stk. 2, nr. 10 og stk. 4) state that its a condition for getting an Establishment Card, that the person:

    • do not receive assistance after “lov om aktiv socialpolitik” (this is “kontanthjælp”/public assistance), and
    • the person must be able to support themselves through their own funds in the first year
    • do not receive “Unemployment benefits” after the graduate rule.

    So this requirement is specific for Establishment Card. And even though “Unemployment benefits” is not seen as public assistance, its still in some extend financed by the danish state.

    Conclusion: You will not be able to get Unemployment benefits as graduate.

    Earn rights as wage-earner:

    The rules about Establishment Card dosen’t state that you can not receive Unemployment benefits for wage-earners (not after the graduate rule). So it can be relevant to join A-kasse in the sense that you may be able to earn rights as wage-earner. You can see the “normal” requirements for being eligible for Unemployment benefits here:

    As non-EU citizen it is important that you can accept any job with one day notice, i.e. have the right residence permit, in case you want to apppy for Unemployment benefits. In the 2-year period with Establishment Card you can take any job with one-day notice. How your situation is after the Establishment Card expires, depends on whether can get a residence permit that gives you right to accept any job (not limited to specific job, employer etc).

    Please post any comments here in the forum. Thanks

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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