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    Hello. I’m a Non-EU student doing Master’s program at KU eligible for SU. I will graduate in 6 months, in June 2021. I’ve the study visa, shich allows me to stay additional 6 months. I want to know if I can be eligible for a-kasse after graduation. My study permit says that I can work full-time in those 3 months: June, July, August. Does that mean I can be eligible for A-kasse in those 3 months? Besides, If I’m eligible, what I need to do for that? when do I neet to register or become a member? Also, can having the partner with permanent residency in Denmark help me to get A-kasse after graduation?

    Thanks in Advance!



    no, you can not get Unemployment benefits in the 6 months job-search period, which is included in your study-visa. Regardless of the fact that you can work certain hours and full-time in summer-months, its still against the terms/conditions for a study-visa to receive any kind of public assistance / benefit payments, including state educational grant (SU). I think this is also stated in your visa-document.

    However, it is possible to get SU if you as a student meet a number of special conditions.

    We do not give advice about residence/work-permit and therefore I can not say if the fact that you have a partner with permanent residence change anything. However I can say that for being eligible for Unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”) you must be able to take any kind of full-time job with one day notice. You can ask SIRI about residence/work-permit.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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