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    venkata induri

    Dear sir/madam,

    I need your help in understanding my eligibility for A-Kasser membership, here is my situation:

    1). My spouse who is also a Non EU citizen working fulltime here in Denmark in an IT firm, She has Fast track visa. I got residence permit as an accompanying family member. I am aware that dependence visa holder can take up any work here in Denmark.

    2) I got a fulltime job and currently working from January this year in an IT firm. I have my job contract until March 2022.
    Let me assume that I will continue my job even after March 2022 in the best case( The current contract may be extended or I will get a
    new job before March 2022).

    If I continue my Job as a dependent family member am I eligible for A-Kasser membership?
    bcoz I can start the new job with 1 day notice as long as my Spouse continues her job.

    3) Is my Spouse eligible for A-Kasser membership? She is currently working in an IT firm with Fast track visa. If she losses her job she will get 6 months of job seeking period. I assume she is not eligible but please confirm my understanding on it.

    kind Regards
    Venkata Induri



    we are not experts in the field of residence/work permit. Usually we refer to SIRI.

    I agree with you that as an accompanying family member you should be able to take any job with 1 day notice, and therefore can be available for the labor market, which is one of the conditions for being eligible for Unemployment benefits from a danish A-kasse.
    How the A-kasse will look at that you are depending on your spouses visa, I can’t tell. You must find out by contacting an A-kasse.

    However also other requirements apply. You need to be member 1 year and meet the income-requirement. See more here:

    Your spouse can not take any job with one day notice. And therefore she will not be able to get unemployment benefits from a danish A-kasse. Therefore it will not make sense for her to join A-kasse. Only if she get a permanent residence permit, it will make sense.

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,

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