Non-EU citizen working as salaried PhD in Denmark

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Currently I am a full-time employed phd student in Aarhus university. I have a questions about my eligible to get a unemployment fund during the jobseeking period. Here are the some informations about my situation.

    1- I got accepted phd in September 2019. I am working as a phd until then. They gave me visa for 3.5 years. 3 years for my phd then 6 months for the jobseeking.

    2- I will finish my phd in August 2022. Then I have additional 6 months of residence permit for jobseeking.

    3- I work 37 hours per week for now. However after my phd is done, I can work 20 hours in the jobseeking period they gave me (from august 2022-february 2023).

    4- It is also says I cannot continue to work full-time in other employment unless

    I apply for an extension of my residence permit.

    5- I have not registered as a-kasse member until now.

    I am wondering; if I start paying for a-kasse – I still have more than 1 year until my employment finish at Aarhus university- can I get unemployment benefits for my jobseeking period ? I understand that to get the benefits you have to have rights to start a job one day notice but in my visa it says I may work 20 hours in my jobseeking period. So should I start paying for a-kasse to get benefit in my 6 months jobseeking period ?



    you will not meet the requirements for being eligible for unemployment benefits, due to two things:

    • Your current residence permit do not allow you to take any job with one days notice. (You will need a new/extension of permit, so in legal terms you can not take any job with one days notice).
    • After Phd you are only allowed to work 20 hours per week. For being elgible for unemployment benefits you must be able to work full time. And I also think that your current permit state that in the jobsearch period you are only allowed to look for/search for job, but not to work.

    You could consider to apply for establishment card, after your Phd. Read more here.

    Let me know if you have further comments.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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