Neither member of a Union nor A-Kasse – what can I do?

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    I have been informed of the termination of my employment here in DK.

    I have not been registered to any Union and I’m at a loss as to the next steps I take.



    You tell you have not been member of a Union…do you mean an A-kasse (Unemployment insurance Fund)?

    In Denmark membership of A-kasse and Union are two different things.

    Only membership of A-kasse can give you right to Unemployment benefits.

    However I assume that you haven’t been member of either an A-kasse nor Union.

    In this case there is not possibilty to have Unemployment benefits in case of unemployment.

    In Denmark Unemployment Insurance is voluntary, and therefor only people who buy the Insurance (A-kasse membership) are insured againt unemployment.

    However if you will continue to live in Denmark after termination of your employment, there will be the possibilty that you can

    get the lower social allowance called “kontanthjælp”. However this is only possible if you dont have money/savings yourself.

    But about kontanthjælp you must contact the municipality where you live.

    We only guide about A-kasse and Unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”), not kontanthjælp.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,


    Hi Anders,

    Thank you very much for your quick reply.

    You are correct in saying that I am neither member of a Union nor A-Kasse.

    I understand that as I have not been with an A-Kasse for a year I am not entitled to any unemployment benefits.

    Thank you for the advice regarding the “kontanthjaelp”, I will look into contacting them.

    Thanks again

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