Moving to another EU country after “quarantine” period when quitting a job

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    I am an EU citizen, and I will be quitting my job in Denmark in a few months as it is a negative workplace that is taking a toll on my mental health.

    I have been a member of an A-Kasse since I started studying in Denmark 3 years ago, and I have been working in this job for about a year since I finished my Masters. I understand that I need to go through a 3 week “quarantine” period where I won’t receive benefits but will still need to be registered with the job centre and actively looking for work.

    Depending on the job market in my field, I would perhaps like to take A-Kasse to another EU country to receive benefits while I look for work there. I understand that you have to be registered as unemployed and looking for work for 4 weeks in Denmark before you can take your benefits to another country.

    My question is this: does the 3 week “quarantine” period after quitting a job count towards the 4 weeks that you need to be registered as unemployed before moving your benefits? I assume it would as the requirements are exactly the same, the only difference being that you don’t receive benefits, but I would like to make sure.




    the requirement is that you must have been unemployed for 4 weeks. This means that you must be registered as unemployed in Jobcenter (at for 4 weeks. Only periods where you are entitled to unemployment benefits (but not necessarily have got them paid out) can be included.

    This means that quarantine periods counts towards the 4 weeks.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,


    Thank you Anders!

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