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    So I am currently on a-kasse and I want to start studying in September 2021. I also want to have another child soon and go on Barsel, hopefully in the middle of my masters. So the 1st year as normal, then one year barsel, then back to finish the 2nd year of the masters.

    According to one option for this would be “You can take leave from your education and register as unemployed in your unemployment insurance fund. When you take leave from your education, you can receive maternity benefit if you stop your SU, register as unemployed in your unemployment insurance fund and make yourself available for the labor market in your job center, ie. is entitled to unemployment benefits.”

    My question is, if I am on a-kasse now but have only used 1.5 year before I begin my masters, can I go back on a-kasse in the middle of my studies in order to get udbetaling/barsel benefits from a-kasse instead of SU? Does Studying count as having a job for the 1.924 hours needed in order to re-set my a-kasse? Or can I still use the remaining months of my original 2 years?



    on the date you plan to go on maternity leave, you must still be within a period of 3 years since you initially was approved for the 2-year dagpengeperiod. The 3 year is the maximum period within which the 2 years with dagpenge must be used.

    But if you have no problem with keeping within 3 year, then your 2-years dagpenge period is paused when you start master study. And after 1 year study you can register as unemployed again an take leave from study. If you take leave from study you are considered as unemployed in relation to requirements for getting maternity leave benefits. You must be able to document the leave when you apply for maternity benefits.

    If you only have used 1.5 years, then you are still in a 2 year period with dagpenge. Regardless of how close you are to the end of the 2 year period, then you meet the requirements for getting maternity leave benefits (“barselsdagpenge”). In other words, if you can receive Unemployment benefits (dagpenge) when you go on maternity leave, then you can also get barselsdagpenge.

    In the period with barselsdagpenge, the 3 years maximum reference period is paused/extended with the maternity leave period.

    It’s not the A-kasse who pay out barselsdagpenge, but “Udbetaling Danmark”. However you must inform the A-kasse that you plan to go on maternity leave. Then the A-kasse will inform “Udbetaling Danmark”.

    A 2 years master, if its SU-eligible, should give you a new right as graduate. So with a completed master you can register as newly graduate again in the A-kasse, and get a new 2-year period with dagpenge.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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