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    Can you keep a part-time (in my case weekend) job while receiving the benefits? Does it change if it is as a graduate or a employee?

    Thank you very much!



    Hi Lidia,

    it is possible to get supplementary benefits (“supplerende dagpenge”) in case you have a part-time work together with receiving Unemployment benefits (“dagpenge”). However you must be available for FULL-time job while receiving supplementary benefits, meaning that you must apply for full-time jobs.

    Its also a requirement that you can quit your current part-time without notice-period, i.e. you must be able to stop from day to day in your current part-time job. This is because you must be fully available for the labor-market, for being eligible for dagpenge.

    Furthermore there is a limit of maximum 30 weeks where you can receive supplementary benefits. After that you must decide whether you want to keep your part-time job (and stop receiving dagpenge) OR you want to stop your part-time job (and go on full dagpenge).

    If you think supplementary benefits is an option for you, then you must be approved for this in you A-kasse.

    Graduates as well as wage-earners can apply for and get supplementary benefits. However for graduates the benefits amount (dagpengesats) is lower.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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