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    Hi! I got my studies delayed of one semester. Is it a problem?

    Is it correct that while I am still studying I don’t need to pay(under 30)?

    I also received a receipt that was ment to be payed, but I did not pay that as I am still a student: is it a problem? What should I do?

    Moreover I will finish soon my studies: who and how should I inform about this?

    How and when should I pay my membership?

    I tried to send an email but they told me to write here: is this the right place for these questions?

    Thank you very much for your support!

    Best regards,




    it’s correct that its possible to get free memberhsip if you are under 30 years. However some requirements apply:

    1. Your education must be of a duration of at least 18 months/3 semestres
    2. You must have stayed in Denmark right before starting the education. And you must have the right to stay in Denmark after your education.
    3. You yearly income from work and SU must no exceed DKK 231,864
    4. You may not get any other kind of public support, other than SU.
    5. So, without knowing your case, it can be that you do not meet all of the above mentioned requirements.

      If you can not get free memberhsip, there is no reason to sign up for A-kasse before you have graduated.

      Any kind of A-kasse membership is only relevant if you have the right to stay and work full-time in Denmark (when/if you become unemployed).

      Best regards,

      Anders Weber,

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