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    I have some questions about holidays while receivng a-kasse.

    Is there a limit to how much days you can take off? For example would it “theoretically” be possible to get a week off every month or is it the same as with normal full-time job so up to 5 weeks a year? Is it possible to extend that but of course without receiving benefits during that time? Would it be possible to, for example, take 2 months off while receiving dagpenge to travel or something and continue after those 2 months?



    in principle you can take all the holiday you want. But you may have right to receive holiday allowance during your holiday.

    If you have received dagpenge for 1 year you will have earned right to take 5 weeks of holiday while receiving holiday allowance (feriedagpenge).

    More about feriedagpenge:

    As unemployed on dagpenge, you earn the right to feriedagpenge on an ongoing basis and monthly during the holiday year on the basis of the A-kasse’s payment of dagpenge and maternity benefits. You earn 2.08 days per. month in the holiday year, and can earn a maximum of 25 days with feriedagpenge in a holiday year. The holiday year is from 1 September to 31 August of the following year.

    A full year on dagpenge, gives right to 25 days holiday.

    To be able to get feriedagpenge paid out, It is a condition that you don’t have (unused) right to holiday allowance or salary during holiday from a previous job etc. This must be used before you can get feriedagpenge.

    The holidays with the right to feriedagpenge can only be used during the holiday period, which is the holiday year, and the subsequent 4 months (1 September – 31 December), and cannot be transferred from one holiday year to another.

    Holiday at your own expense

    If you take holiday at your own expense (you will not get any benefits), there is no 5 weeks limit. As unemployed you can in princip take all the holiday you want. The only requirement is that you notify the A-kasse and Jobcenter 2 weeks before the start of your holiday.

    If you for example take 2 months holiday, you will continue where you left in the dagpenge-period, when you return from holiday. You will still be in the same 2-year dagpenge-period

    You must be available for the labor market

    I think you can have problems with the A-kasse if you regularly take 1 week holiday every month. The problem with this is that one of the requirements for being eligible for dagpenge, is that you are available for a full-time job. If you wish to have one week free every month, the A-kasse may think this means that you are not really interested in getting a full-time job. And therefor are not fully available for the labor-market. I will recommend you get this checked with your A-kasse before you begin to take 1 week holiday regularly every month.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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