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    Two/Three months ago, I changed my A-kasse from Min-akasse to AKA . I have a master and I thought would make sense.

    In between I got the opportunity to start a pratik from 19th April to 18th May. Then, the company hired me with løntidskud and I started working on the 25th May.

    Now , I am almost at the end of May. I am supposed to be a member of the AKA from the 1st May. I did not receive a ydelseskort from any of the akasses. I will only get salary paid at the end of June , so I am totally dependent on Dagpenge for May. Even though I was in pratik and working a lot to get hire, I applied for jobs. When I contact Min-akasse they say I need to contact AKA because I am no longer their member. When I contact AKA they say that they did not receive yet any info from Min-Akasse. I feel that I am in between a ping pong game and every day that the end of the month gets closer and closer, I get anxious and more anxious. Will I be allowed to receive Dagpenge once the transference process is concluded?



    I assume that the “praktik” has been approved by the Jobcenter/A-kasse, and that you can receive dagpenge in the “praktik”-period.

    So if you have met the requirements of being available for the labor-market, which you say you have – then you are eligible for dagpenge as normal.

    In this case you will off course get you dagpenge for May paid out. It is AKA who should pay your dagpenge, because you have been member in AKA since 1 st May.

    You must try to call AKA and ask them to contact Min A-kasse about the transfer.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber,

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