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    Hi, I have completed my bachelor last year and now I am studying my masters which I am planning to drop out from in the next days.

    During my bachelor, a union came to the University and gave us some documents to complete and sign in order to register to their union. Apparently, most of my classmates from back then became a member of the union, but for some reason I did not. Recently I found that I was not actually a member of that union and that if I drop out from the masters, I won’t receive any A-kasse.

    I know there is also a rule for recent graduates who can sign in an union after maximum 14 after their graduation. I did not registered to a union after I finished my bachelor because I thought I was already a member.

    Is there anything that can be done in order for me to be eligible for A-kasse?



    the rules about dagpenge are strict, so you can not do anything about it.

    You should have signed up at latest 14 days after graduation from bachelor.

    The A-kasse can not make exceptions to this rule.

    Another thing: Be aware that Union membership is a different thing than A-kasse membership. You (only) need to be member of A-kasse if you want to gain right to dagpenge. However, because you can not earn right as graduate, you need to earn right as wage-earner.

    You can find the generel requirements here: https://www.a-kasser.dk/benefits.html

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber, A-kasser.dk

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