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    Hi Anders! Hope you can help with my confusing situation.

    I’m an EU resident, graduating in January, and I have been a member of A-kasse for over a year.

    In December, I am moving to another EU country to try to search for work. This means I will not be in Denmark for two weeks after my graduation.

    My question is – will it be possible in my case to obtain the unemployment benefits for 3 months? How would I go about this and what would you do if you were me?

    Thanks in advance for your tips, Anders. Have a lovely day.




    regarding the graduate rule, it is a very strict requirement that you lived in Denmark right before starting the education and again at latest 2 weeks after finishing education (graduation).

    So if you move to another country (EU or non EU) before graduation and stay there till after 2 weeks after your graduation, then you can not qualify for Unemployment benefits (dagpenge) after the graduate rule.

    And if you do not have right to dagpenge, then you can also not use the 3 months job-search option. The 3 months job-search period in another EU-country with dagpenge from a danish A-kasse, is only for individuals who have been approved for dagpenge in Denmark. And normally you also need to have been receiving dagpenge for 4 weeks before you can make use of the 3 months job-search option. However if you go to your own EU-homecountry it is only nessasary with 1 week on dagpenge, before you can use the 3 months job-search rule.

    Read more about the 3 months job-search in another EU-country here.

    There is no chance to avoid the requirements for graduates, and the A-kasse can not make exceptions.

    So if I was in your situation, I would definately wait until after graduation/after you have been approved for dagpenge in your A-kasse to go on job-search in another EU-country.

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Best regards,

    Anders, A-kasser.dk


    Hi again and thank you for the clear answer.

    My move to another EU country in December cannot be canceled, but I decided I will return to Denmark to obtain my rights to unemployment benefits. Is there a specific requirement for how many days before my graduation I should be back in the country?

    I am planning to remain registered as a resident of Denmark in the CPR during my stay abroad, but without a permanent address (source: https://cpr.dk/english/moving-from-denmark/). When I come back, I will still have my residence permit and my CPR number, but I will stay at a friend’s place as a visitor during the entire 4-week period before moving abroad again. Will there be problems with my unemployment benefits because of this?

    And just to get the timeline straight. Let’s say my final exam is on 11/1. I would immediately change my membership status to graduate and register as an unemployed jobseeker on jobnet.dk. If I want to go look for a job abroad, I could do so after 4 weeks of being registered on Jobnet, so on 9/2. Can you please confirm me this?

    And in this case:

    • What would happen during this 4-week period exactly? Would I have to apply for jobs and if yes, in which country?
    • When would I receive my first unemployment benefits, and when my last?

    I apologize for so many questions, I just want to make sure I do things right. Thanks a lot!



    1. You must be in Denmark at latest 2 weeks after graduation, to be able to use the graduate rule/get graduate rights in the A-kasse.
    2. There are no requirements saying that you need CPR or permanent address. Staying at friends is ok. However keeping CPR as you plan to do, is a good idea, because it makes everything more easy.
    3. The conditions for using the 3 months jobsearch in another EU-country with dagpenge from a danish A-kasse, is mentioned in this article. You must be entitled to receive dagpenge, this means that you must stay in Denmark, when you apply for the 3 months jobsearch period. As a start of point you need to be registered as unemployed for 4 weeks before you can use the jobsearch-rule. However see in the article about exemptions, i.e. for newly graduates.
    4. If you have been member of A-kasse at least 1 year before graduation you are entitled to receive dagpenge from the first day of unemployment (mening no waiting period). In this case you will get your first payment from the A-kasse January 31, 2021. In the 4 weeks period you are registered as unemployed in Denmark and you are under the normal unemployment rules, meaning that you need to apply for jobs, however you can apply for jobs in Denmark and abroad. You can even go to jobintervies in another country if you inform the A-kasse about it.

    Hope it helps you. You are welcome to ask again, if you still are in doubt about your rights.

    Best regards,

    Anders Weber, A-kasser.dk

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