Typical members of the Danish A-kasser

Some A-kasser are professionally delineated and therefore only take members who work within one/few specific industries or have an education within the A-kasse's professional field. Other A-kasser are interdisciplinary and take everyone as member regardless of job or education. Below you can see examples of typical members in the various A-kasser.

FTFa A-kasse

Interdisciplinary, but examples of members are Bank advisors, insurance employees, trade school teachers, social workers, dental officers, police officers, graduates from professional colleges and business academies.
Free A-kasse for students.

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Min A-kasse

Interdisciplinary, but examples of members are individuals working with IT, sales and marketing staff, cleaning staff, property managers, agricultural workers, dairy workers, hairdressers, watchmakers and opticians, people working in prison or as guardians, train drivers, station officials, employees in Customs&Taxes, employees in the air force, employees in the Navy, church and cemetery workers.
Free A-kasse for students.

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Det Faglige Hus

Interdisciplinary. Because of the cheap price tag for A-kasse with Trade Union membership, DFH has members from all working groups.
Free A-kasse for students.

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3F A-kasse

Professionally delineated. 3F's members are organized into six main areas that you must work within in order to be admitted to this A-kasse: industry, transport, public sector employees (especially service areas), construction, agriculture, private service/hotel & restaurant.

The largest member group is in the traditional part of industry: iron and metal, process industry, energy sector, plastic industry, clothing and textile, the wood and furniture industry, fish factories, electronics and packaging.

The other groups in 3F include member groups such as cleaning assistants, service assistants, cooks, waiters, receptionists, dishwashers, maids, farmers, agricultural assistants, landscapers, gardeners, zookeepers, machine operators, dairy workers, forest workers, earth and concrete workers, masons, structures, asphalt workers, roofers, rockers, pavers, scaffolders, industrypainters, insulators, joiners, carpenters, glaziers, fitters, craftsmen, cemetery workers, caregivers, pedagogical assistants, drivers, warehouses, rescuers, dockers, fishermen, sailors.

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Is interdisciplinary, and is a popular choice for all self-employed regardless of business field. Offers A-kasse with "HR Jura" for self-employed.

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MA A-kasse

Accepts all candidates with university degrees, but specialise in people with a degree in the humanities or the sciences.

Their members are in the private as well as the public labor market and in NGOs. Works e.g. with HR, communication, teaching, research, administration, project management.

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HK A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Takes following jobtitles/educations: Office and IT Staff, Laboratory and Environmental Staff, Correspondents, Attorney Secretary, Real Estate Agents, Customer Relations Center, Sellers, Printing Workers, Multimedia Designers, Media Graphics, Market Economists, Medical Secretary, Warehouse Assistants, Graphic Designers, Shop Assistants, Bookkeepers, Advertising Consultants, Employees within Traffic and Railway, Employees within Post and Communication.

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Is in principle interdisciplinary, but targets/focuses on Journalists, Communicators, Translators and Photographers.

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Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Wage earners and self-employed persons in the field of health care. You must have completed one of the following six required educations: Bioanalysts, Ergotherapists, Physiotherapists, Midwives, Radiographers and Nurses.

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BUPL A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Takes Wage earners and self-employed with a pedagogical education. Largest membergroups are Pedagogue workers in creche, kindergarten, SFOs, clubs or schools.

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Lærernes A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Takes everyone who is or may become member of one of the professional organizations: DLF - Danmarks Lærerforening, FSL - Frie Skolers Lærerforening, Uddannelsesforbundet (DTL (LVA), DPL og LVU). This means Primary school teachers, adult and youth educators, teachers at the free elementary schools, teachers at AMU centers and production colleges.

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Socialpædagogernes A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Takes only Social pedagogy workers as members. You must work in the social pedagogue area, ie. with vulnerable children, children and adults with physical or mental disability, mentally ill persons.

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Teknikernes A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Takes Individuals who have a practical education or higher education and work in engineering, design or construction. Examples may be coordinator, project manager or individuals responsible for details in production or documentation.

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FOA A-kasse

Professionally delineated. FOA accepts members who provide public service, eg. Social and Health Assistants, Social and Health Aiders, Day Care Professionals, Pedagogue-Aiders and Pedagogue-Assistants, Nursing Assistants.

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Akademikernes A-kasse

Takes only academics. The largest membergroups are: Engineers, lawyers, economists, doctors, dentists, architects and veterinarians.

Dansk Metal A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Dansk Metal covers the following industries: Auto, gold and silver-jewelers, IT and telecommunications, Maritime, Construction, Industrial.

Example jobtitles are Automotive mechanics, Automotive engineers, Bike mechanics, Truck mechanics, Flight mechanics, Goldjewelers, Engravers, Silverjewelers, IT Supporters, Computer Technicians, Web integrators, Call center employees, Ship mechanics, Machinists, Ship assistants, Navigators, Ship's cook, Plumbing, Energy Technicians (Tubed), Boilermakers, Welders, Blacksmiths, Industrial Engineers, Automation Technicians, Electrical Engineers, Cnc technicians, Cooling technicians, Fin mechanics.

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Din Faglige A-kasse

Professionally delineated. Members are electricians, plumbers, chimney sweepers, roofers, building painters, industrial painters, painters, artists, fishermen.

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A-kassen FRIE

Interdisciplinary, but examples of members are Office workers and self-employed.
After a merge from January 1, 2020 with DANA A-kasse, FRIE now has many self-employed as members.

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CA A-kasse

Is in principle interdisciplinary, but targets/focuses on highly educated individuals within the "business area". Typical members work with management, finance and accounting, marketing, communication, HR, IT or consulting.

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NNF A-kasse

Professionally delineated. The food-related Union NNF organizes employees in the following industries: bakers, butchers, dairy, sugar and chocolate industries as well as the tobacco industry. Typically members are Bakers, butchers, dairy employees.

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A-kassen LH (Lederne)

Professionally delineated. Only for Managers, trusted employees, self-employed and salaried persons who negotiate their own pay and contract.

Main topics about A-kasse

Transferring periods of work and insurance from another EEA CountryAs an EU citizen you can transfer acquired rights from Unemployment Insurance between EU contries. Be aware that there are some requirements and deadlines that are important to meet. And you have to use a PD U1 Form. Read more here..
Transferring unemployment benefitsUnder certain conditions you can go to another EU country to look for work and continue to receive your unemployment benefits from the country where you became unemployed. And you have to use a PD U2 Form. Read more here..
Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge")Remember you have to be member of an A-kasse for 1 year before you can claim Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge"). And you must meet the income-requirement. Read more here..
International graduatesGraduates in Denmark can get Unemployment benefits from the first day after graduation, if they have been member as student of an A-kasse for at least 1 year. Read more...
Residence CardIf you are a non-EU citizen you must have a residence Card which allows you to take any job with one day notice. This is because you must be available for the labor market for being eligible for unemployment benefits ("dagpenge").
Membership fee and taxYou will automatically get a deduction in your tax for your fee to the A-kasse and trade union. There is no ceiling on the amount you can get a deduction for when it comes to contributions to A-kasse, whereas you can get a maximum deduction of DKK 6,000 for a trade union.