Guide: How to switch to another A-kasse

You can change to another A-kasse very easily and at any time you want. There is no notice period (however 1 month for unemployed and students) and you retain all your accrued rights.
Changing A-kasse is called "overflytning" in danish A-kasse legislation.

There is free choice in Denmark when it comes to A-kasse, and you are not - because you work in a particular industry or company - forced to be a member of a particular A-kasse, but can switch to all A-kasser where you can become a member. Look in our table with all 22 A-kasser, where you can become a member.

You can always regardless of your job or education become member of one of the 10 interdisciplinary A-kasser. For the rest 12 A-kasser you must work or have education within the professionel field which are covered by the particular A-kasse.

Just sign up with the new A-kasse

You just have to register in the normal way in the A-kasse you want to switch to. Registration can be done online at all A-kasser's websites.
You can find links to online registration forms in our table with all 22 A-kasser.

ATTENTION! It is important that you do NOT cancel your membership in the A-kasse you are switching from.
Your old A-kasse and your new A-kasse handle all this between themselves.
You therefore only have to apply for admission to the new A-kasse. If you terminate your membership yourself, you risk losing your accrued rights.

The A-kasse you switch to takes care of everything practical, including that you will not have to pay member fee twice, not even if you change in the middle of a quarter.

No notice period if you are employed
You will be transferred from the time the A-kasse receives your application. If you are unemployed or have free membership as a student, however, your cancellation will only take effect after the notice period, which is the current month + one month.

If you are unemployed or a student, it will therefore take some time before you are transferred, but the new A-kasse will also coordinate the transfer here with your old A-kasse, so that you will not pay too much in contribution or lose accrued rights.

Your accrued rights are preserved

If you are transferred from one A-kasse to another, your previous membership and work periods will be included in the new A-kasse, so that accrued rights are carried over to the new A-kasse.

If you - at the same time as you are a member of an A-kasse - complete an education that entitles you to admission as a recent graduate, you can obtain the graduate rights (rights as a recent graduate) in connection with the switch. It is a condition that you apply for a transfer no later than 2 weeks after the end of the education.

This page was last modified on January 3, 2023.

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