Have completed bachelor - what about A-kasse?

I will soon finish my bachelor

I will NOT continue with master or Top Up

In this scenario it is very important that you get registered with graduate status in your A-kasse, AT LATEST 2 weeks after graduation.
If you have been a free study member you still need to contact your A-kasse and have your status changed to "graduate".

Read more about the graduate rule.

I will continue with master or Top UP

Can I get Unemployment benefits until I start the Master/Top Up?
You can not receive unemployment benefits and at the same time participate in a master or Top UP education.

If you have been registered with graduate status in your A-kasse at latest 2 weeks after the bachelor graduation date (strongly recommended) then you are eligible for unemployment benefits until you start your master/Top UP study.
However only if you do all the things that an unemployed need to do to receive benefits, i.e. are available for the labor market, searching full-time job, attend to the meetings in Jobcenter and A-kasse, make job-logs at Jobnet.dk etc.

Even if you are aware that you have been admitted to the Master / Top up course, you can still get the Unemployment benefits in the period between bachelor and master/Top Up.

If you are on holiday between finishing bachelor and the time of beginning of master study, you can obviously not receive unemployment benefits.

Secure your rights - you may need them later
Even if you do not meet these requirements for having benefits in the period between bachelor and master, then it is always strongly recommended to join an A-kasse at latest 2 week after finishing bachelor.
If you - within 2 years - decide to interrupt the master education, then you will be eligible for benefits according to your graduate status obtained with the bachelor.

This also applies if you want to take study leave from your master study within 2 years.

Still possible to have free study membership
You can also get free study membership while studying at the master education and during study leave. However you only have up to 5 years in total of free study membership. Read more about free membership for students.

Will my Master or Top Up in it self qualify for Unemployment benefits?
Your Master or Top Up will give you right to Unemployment benefits if the education is standardized to the minimum of 18 months (3 semester).
So in relation to Unemployment benefits it is important to know if your master/Top UP will have a duration accoring to the Study plan for at least 18 months.

When/if you become a master candidate later
When you become a master candidate, you can choose to be admitted (again) as a new graduate. Then you start all over again in the unemployment benefit system and are entitled to a new, full unemployment benefit period of 2 years that must be spend within 3 years.

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