A-kasse - Unemployment insurance

As opposed to all other forms of social security in Denmark, unemployment insurance is voluntary. Thus, you are not automatically insured against unemployment.

What is an "a-kasse"?
The Danish word "a-kasse" is an abbreviation for "arbejdsløshedskasse" and means unemployment insurance fund.
Some professions and trades have their own specialised a-kasse, but since the 1. of september 2002 the A-kasser have had the opportunity to choose to be multidisciplinary (=open for anyone), in danish the word for this is "tværfaglig" A-kasse.

So no matter what your work is, or if you are student, what your study is, you can always become member of one of the 10 "tværfaglige" A-kasser in Denmark. We have a list here of the 10 "tværfaglige" A-kasser.

When you join (become a member of) the a-kasse, you are guaranteed an amount of regular income if you become unemployed.
So the a-kasse can give you time to look for the right job, pay your bills – and in fact help you to find a job.

If you only want to secure your income (and don't want membership of a Union, se below) you could with no risk just choose the cheapest A-kasse, because your unemployment benefits is secured and payed by the Danish State no matter what A-kasse you choose.
An "A-kasse" is a private association, but the most of the money you pay for membership, the A-kasse transfer to The Danish State. If you get unemployed you do not receive money from the "A-kasse" but from the Danish State.

Many Danes are in addition to membership of an A-kasse also member of an Trade Union.
Also Trade union membership is (like membership of an A-kasse) voluntary in Denmark, but in 2019 about 68% of danish workers at all levels of employment is member of a Union.

As a member of a Union you get access to some services (especially legal help for example relating to your salary, and other issues relating to being an employee i.e sickness, freedom, having other trouble with your employer etc.)
Traditionally many danes have choosen to be member of an Union that covers their professional field.
In Denmark we have the traditional Trade Unions like 3F, Dansk Metal og HK, but the last 10-15 years the so called "Yellow" Unions have experienced a rise in number of members.

Both A-kasse membership and membership of a Union provides a great opportunity to establish personal and professional networks, as they both offer several social and professional activities.

Unions and unemployment funds are two independent instances. So you can easily be a member of an unemployment fund without being a member of a union.

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