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Transferring periods of work and insurance from another EEA Country

You move to Denmark - how are your rights regarding acquired rights from your home country ?

Your rights to quicker access to benefits in Denmark depends in most cases on what nationality you have.
However for people who moves to Denmark from another nordic country the nationality is irrelevant.

For the following groups of persons there is different rules/requirements:

  • Nationals of non-EU countries.
    Nationals of non-EU countries, legally residing in the territory of the EU, who have moved between these countries, and their family members, normally (this means in all other EAA countries) have the right to transfer earned rights from one EU-country to another.
    BUT Denmark (together with United Kingdom) has a special rule saying that Denmark only accepts to take into account earned unemployment benefits rights from EU-nationals.
    So as an non-EU national - even if you have been working and insured against unemployment in another EU country, you can NOT transfer your earned rights regarding unemployment insurance to Denmark.
    For non-EU Nationals coming from one of the other Nordic countries, please see speciel section below.

  • For EU-nationals moving to Denmark there is additional requirement before you can transfer your earned rights from your own EEA-country:
    Like in other EEA countries, you must apply for membership of an danish A-kasse within 8 weeks after you ceased to be insured in another EU country,
    but in Denmark there is an additional requirements saying that you - if you have not been member of a danish A-kasse within the last 5 years - must within the 8 weeks begin work in Denmark of at least 296 hours over 12 weeks / 3 months.
    Among all the EEA-countries, this requirement for additional work is found only in Denmark and Finland (in Finland the requirement is 4 weeks of work before you can transfer your rights from you own country).

  • Residents (EU or non-EU nationals) coming from the Nordic Countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Island) are treated according to the Nordic convention on social security (from 2014). Regardless of you are an EU/EEA or non EU/EEA citizen you will be treated like EU nationals - if you have been comprised by the social security rules in one of the Nordic Countries (have been subject to the legislation there). Denmarks has in the convention committed itself to use the rules for EU Nationals (see above) also on non-EU Nationals coming from one of the other Nordic countries.

  • If you are citizen of the Faroe Islands, the only condition is that you apply for membership of an danish A-kasse within 8 weeks after you ceased to be insured in the Faroe Islands
  • See more:
    Nordic convention on social security (from 2014).
    Regulation (EU) no. 883/2004 on the coordination of social security systems
    Dansk-Færøsk aftale om dagpenge