Transferring accrued working years to another EU country.

Q&A om A-kasse Fora Udland Transferring accrued working years to another EU country.

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    E. Vic

    I have the following two questions:

    1) As an EU-citizen, can my accumulated years of work in Denmark be transferred/ registered in my home country Social Security?
    –If so, how are they documented or transferred to my local authorities?

    2) If I were to move back to Denmark, would I be able to recover my “9 months of pending A-Kasse benefits” out of the 12 I was still entitled to when I left Denmark?

    Thank you.



    About 1:

    transfering of accrued rights regarding Unemployment Insurance between EU/EEA countries is coordinated by the EU-law.

    This means that the same principles apply when moving between EU/EEA countries.

    You can transfer rights by using a PD U1 document. Or if he authorities in the two EU-countries have agreed to exchange information electronically they should use EESSI/RINA to send a SED U002 electronically document.

    If you ask your former A-kasse about PD U1 document, they are obliged to issue the document to you.

    You must ask the former danish A-kasse to help you with the information. They can issue a PD U1 or send the information electronically to your home EU country with EESSI/RINA (SED U002).

    The PD U1/SED U002 must be used by your home EU country Unemployment Insurance authority to get information about your working and insurance periods in Denmark.

    Your home EU country can have some additional requirements you must meet before you have right to get the working periods registered in your home country. You must ask them.

    About 2:

    There is no requirement that a member who requests unemployment benefits after an interrupted membership period must
    meet the requirements for a new unemployment benefit period.

    To the extent that the member has a previous unemployment benefit period that has not been used in full – without subsequently meeting the income or employment requirement again – the member will thus be able to continue in the
    previous benefit period. However, there is a requirement that the member has been an uninterrupted member for at least one year, eventually by using PD U1.

    You will need to sign up again when/if you move back to Denmark. In that case you can transfer rights from your home EU country to the danish A-kasse with the same procedure as mentioned above under 1).

    However you must be aware that Denmark has a speciel requirement saying that if you have not been member of a danish A-kasse within the last 5 years you need to work 296 hours within 12 weeks/3 months, before you can transfer your accrued rights (PD U1/SED U002) to the danish A-kasse.

    Finally you must be aware that if it’s more than 3 years ago that the 12 months Unemployment benefits period began, it will be outdated, and you can not continue to receive the last 9 of the 12 months.

    You can also read our article here:

    Best regards,
    Anders Weber,

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